If you have an Android device, first install the "eduroam CAT" ap (GÉANT Association) from the Play Store.


Once you have the application installed, you should download the Eduroam configuration client for Eduroam from the followng link:

"Eduroam Autoconfiguration Client"

Then open it with eduroamCAT app and you can install the profile.

NOTE: If you do not let it open directly with the app, you will have to go to the app and open it manually from:

Once you select the file, you will have to choose the "Install" option and then accet the installation.

When asked for your username, it is very important to enter it in the format "Aquesta adreça de correu-e està protegida dels robots de spam.Necessites Javascript habilitat per veure-la." and click on "Install"


If everything was done correctly, it will say that the profile is installed correctly and then you will be able to connect to Eduroam


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NOTA: These instructions are for higher Android versions to 8. If you have a lower one, please click here


If you have the old app already installed, we recommend you to uninstall it before installing the new one. To install the new one, download it first from Play Store by searching "geteduroam"

Once you installed the app, the first thing it will ask is the institution where you are at. In the search bar write down "Barcelona"

Select the item "Univesitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Click on "Next" and the app will ask you for your NIU and password. Please fill in the form with the correct format as shown on the image.

Click "Connect to Network". 


Then the app will show a message indicating that you are connected correctly.

Now the app will connect you to Eduroam automatically when you are in range.

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